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Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Day At the Zoo

As part of our "school" schedule we go on lots of field trips.   What we decide to do is dependent on the season, the weather and in all honesty whatever we feel like! Today we went to visit one of our favorite zoos.

The girls were so excited.  As soon as the car doors opened they stormed onto the lawn marveling at all the small pumpkins lying about in celebration of the season! Then they ran ahead to strike up a conversation with the owner.  He loves talking to the kids. 

Shortly after cajoling them into the reception area, a tour guide welcomed us and took us all around the property telling us fun and interesting facts about the animals.

Of course a big part of the fun at this zoo is interacting with the animals!  Many are roaming about freely and the kids may pet, pick up and observe as they please.

The girls loved having a conversation with the macaws!  And Caramel tried to pick up a baby goat and soon thereafter yelled out in disgust, because it's belly was wet (let's just leave it at that shall we)!

We also came across a cat munching on a field mouse it caught just a short while before we got there!  The mouse, although dead, was thankfully still intact.  They were intrigued since our cat has never munched on a mouse at home.  Knight is an indoor cat and thank goodness we do not have rodents running about.

Tonight both of them told me how much they appreciate me taking them on these excursions and having so much fun.  Both told me "I'm the greatest mom ever and that they love me soooooooo much!"  And aren't those the sweetest words ever to roll off our children's lips?!  Like honey.

Monday, October 8, 2012


The big, bright yellow sticker on top of the FedEx box read "Open urgently!"

After pulling apart several bubble wrapped envelopes we sighed a great sigh of relief to find they were still alive!  The little tadpoles finally arrived.

They are to grow into leopard frogs over the course of the next three to five months.

Every now and again two beaming little faces pop up from behind the island counter top to report on a new observation they make.

"Welcome to your new home Sarafina and Winter!"

Saturday, October 6, 2012


We've been learning about the solar system this week.  So when hubby suggested we go stargazing last night we grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

A local group of amateur astronomers get together regularly to study the night sky and once in a while they invite the public to use their telescopes to marvel at the wonders found in outer space.  There was nothing "amateur" about the ten or so telescopes they've setup on a concrete slab next to the observatory, though!

Staring at nebulae, double stars and next door galaxies I don't know who were more excited - us or the kids?

It is a wonderful way to teach children about the world around them!