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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Early Morning Flowers

I do not get up first thing in the morning.  Hubby and Caramel are the early birds, leaping out of bed as soon as the alarm clock sounds.  Not me.  Only once I got some coffee in my system I will get myself together and start breakfast.  So what, you might ask, do the girls keep themselves busy with while I hide under the covers for another fifteen minutes?

The kitchen floor might be covered with construction paper, markers and sticky tape, but who cares!  I love these early morning flowers!  Especially in the dead of winter!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Fun In The Snow

The temperature has been nose diving all afternoon yesterday and the wind has been howling through the trees in the backyard.  Enveloped in the dark everything sounds much more ominous than it really is.  The wind was barreling like a freight train and rain hitting our windows like little arrows.  It sure sounded like a storm outside.  So when we woke up this morning and saw NO snow in the backyard we decided to trek up the mountains to enjoy some of the fluffy white stuff that fell in the higher elevations. 

There is a beauty all it's own to appreciate about the winter landscape in the North Carolina Mountains.   It is hard to describe and can only be truly appreciated in person.  From the glistening snowy fields, to the diamond droplets hanging from every tree branch to the tree trunks painted in white;  it takes my breath away every time.  Mysterious;  mystical;  a landscape from a fairy tale.

And it affords us a whole new set of fun activities to enjoy and the girls had it all planned out.  First we will go sledding; 

then get some hot cocoa and then build a snow man!

The snow was not sticking much, so our snowman looked more like a squirrel than anything else!  But we had a lot of fun and that is all that matters!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Conversation with my daughters

Mom: "So, what did you like best about your trip to South Africa?"

View From Beach House's Upper Lanai : South Africa

Caramel:  "The beach!"

Fudge:  "Meeting my cousins!  And I can tell what I liked the least as well."

Mom:  "What would that be?"

Fudge: "Flying there and back!"

Mom:  "Could not agree more with you, my girl!  Could not agree more!"

 Off To The Beach! - South Africa