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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Friends & Food

When I was growing up family meal times were spent around the kitchen table or dining room table.  We always ate together as a family -  breakfasts and dinners, sometimes even lunch.  So, having kids of my own this was just a given.  Of course we are going to eat breakfasts and dinners together as a family!!

What I did not realize being a new parent was the huge change that was about to take place in my cooking and attention to the food we eat.  My daughters had constant ear infections (every other week one of them had an infection) and it was not just mild symptoms.  They had the worst kind ever every single time.  I grew tired of the pediatrician sending us home with a bottle of antibiotics as a solution to the problem.

Out of pure morbid curiosity I made an appointment with a naturopathic physician.  I had nothing to lose and I thought if his suggestions do not work it's a lesson learned.  After working through a list of questions he suggested we cut out cow's milk from their diet and see what difference that makes.  And what do you know.  No more goo draining from their ears every other week!

It blew me away that something so simple as changing one or two things we eat can have such a profound impact on our wellbeing and my sanity as a parent!  So I embarked on a journey researching various topics about food related conditions.  I even started researching acupuncture and stress and how that impact our physical health.  It totally changed my outlook on food and preparing meals.

Initially it was hard and I had to make lots of changes, but  now I cannot imagine starting a day without baking something from scratch, or eating a meal without two or three fruits and vegetables on the plate.  Canned food is almost nonexistent in our home and I reluctantly buy anything coming in a box.  Why, you might think "lady you are just full of it" and "that is just utter and total nonsense".  I might have thought the same way until I was face to face with a situation that required some out of the box thinking and I'm glad I did, because it made a huge difference in my children's health and it sparked the growth of a whole new creative interest I enjoy - cooking!

We stayed home this weekend.  We roamed around the house in our pj's till noon, played games,  read books, put our Halloween stakes out by the front door and Saturday afternoon I chased hubby out the house with a request to find some flowers.  "Something autumny!"  were my exact words.  He shot back "What does that mean?"  Then disappeared and came back with these.

Good job hubby!

We congregated with friends around the dining room table, sharing thoughts and updates on our lives while enjoying a simple home cooked meal.   It was an "autumny" kind of gathering with red wine, pork ternderloin with an apricot fennel ragout and a delicious Caramel apple cake.

I had to count all my fingers to make sure all ten were still there after eating a slice of this delicious cake.  It definitely will be added to the "Please Make Again" recipe box!

Now what to do with the sisal rug that fell victim to a glass of red wine?

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