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Friday, September 9, 2011

Things Are Changing

I almost want to say summer is officially over on this side of the world...........Will we maybe swim once or twice again?  Yes.......but I will not bet my life savings on it!

I was watching hubby drain the pool parked out on the deck tonight while the kids were jumping nonstop on the trampoline without getting heatstroke. And they've just handed me the fifth autumn leaf they've found in the garden.......Seasons are slowly but surely changing hands.

Oh and that lovely light!  That lovely autumn light has suddenly started showing up at 6PM.  It's the kind of light that makes you daydream while staring at it's soft glow, inhaling a little deeper while just being.

Our trip to the stores this weekend to replace the smashed patio umbrellas turned into an impromptu Halloween shopping trip.  That's what happens when you go shopping with five year olds in a store with TONS of Halloween decorations.  As we cruised aisle upon aisle I had two little girls hanging onto my hips laughing and talking about the outfits they would like to wear, but at times borrowing their faces in my sides, frightened;  begging me to leave while skeletons are laughing eerily from under googly-eyed masks.  I don't think they are ready for the really scary stuff yet;  but I'm enjoying these times with them knowing that their innocence and fragile imaginations will over time make way for the fascination with the scariest and grossest possible!

This time of year we go bicycling, swimming indoors, hiking and playing on the white elephant we avoid during the sweltering summer days - the swing set!  I just chased them out of the house today:  "Go play and don't come inside until the skies go dark!!!"   "OK" they said with a smidge of hesitation.  Like I've just granted them the holy grail of privileges without any strings attached!

Apples, pears and pumpkins are starting to overtake peaches and strawberries, but in September I still grab on to the last straws of summer, proclaiming my defiance by purchasing a beautiful watermelon while loading a set of cinnamon spice candles into the shopping cart.

We love and appreciate what each season brings to the table and even though I don't like the winter too much, there is nothing like sharing the run up to Christmas and New Years with starry eyed little ones.  It's truly a magical time of year!