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Monday, September 12, 2011

Winston-Salem Air Show

I turned to hubby and said:  "Wow!!  It is just like a cat!  It comes into sight so fast you don't hear it until it is right on top of you!"  That's when the sound catches up with it and what a sound it is.  Ultra loud!  Like-my-little-girls-spent-half-their-afternoon-covering-up-their-ears loud!  Yes, I'm talking about the stealth bomber!

We went to see Winston-Salem's 100th Air Show this weekend and I took way less pictures than I should have.  Hence no picture of the stealth bomber!  The Skyhawk was a close second though!  I was so caught up in the sights and sounds staring at the magnificent planes and pilots overhead I often only managed a "Wow!" and nothing more.

 We broke away only to find something to eat and drink.  There were lots of lines, but the girls were perfectly happy waiting for food with their frozen lemonades in hand.

The idea was for them to share the monster size cups of frozen lemonade with us, but there were not a lot of sharing going on.  Caramel will soon after I take the cup from her yell (while jumping up and down):  "Mommy you are breaking everything apart!  Mommy!!!!"  Only when I hastily hand it back to her was she content with the fact that I did not do too much damage to the mountains and valleys she carved into the frozen concoction.

We never got round to the jumping castles and slides they've put out for the kids.  Rather we've spent our time sitting in cockpits pretend playing and watching real planes land and depart while young kids dressed in camouflage were patrolling the perimeter making sure no one gets onto the tarmac!

The aerobatic planes were absolutely fantastic.  I could not believe what these ex-air force pilots were able to do with the planes.  Unbelievable and just a little bit scary. Iceman and Maverick had nothing on these guys!