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Friday, October 21, 2011

A Late Afternoon Fix

I almost threw the SUV on its side turning left on short notice when I saw the sign.

The girls and I were on our way home from attending a field trip at a nature museum in the city with fellow kindergartners.  We were tired;  I was unable to buy the beautiful mums at the farmers market found a few blocks down the street because I never carry any cash on me and did I mention we were tired?  We all needed a late afternoon fix and the flowers were not going to happen!

It was agreed we wanted some pumpkin ice cream sold at Trader Joe's!  And only Trader Joe's!  In my opinion they listened way to good to the ads running in between Mozart's Symphony nr. 5 and Grieg's Piano Concerto in a minor.

And what do you know there it was;  like a sign from above.  Did I hear angels sing?

As we roamed the aisles, spiced apple cider, a leg of lamb, some brie and a few other necessities found its way into the cart and finally "Eureka"!  Good thing we came when we did because they were running low and when you take a bite you will understand why!