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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

The Bear Went Over The Mountain,

The Bear Went Over The Mountain,

The Bear Went Over The Mountaaaaaaaaaaain......

To See What He Could See!

This song was bellowing from the back seats;  following hubby and I all the way up the mountain side;  all the way to the very highest elevations where you will find the Christmas tree farms!  The tunes were sung with gusto and bravado because two little girls were excited and looking forward to our annual kickoff to Christmas!

I was prepared this year - parkas, snow boots, mittens, hats, scarfs, three layers of sweaters and a flask of hot chocolate just in case!  You never know if the promises made on websites are for reals!

But what do you know;  the bright blue sky that greeted us as Santa pulled a few candies from his bag when we rolled through the gates of the farm, were not bitterly cold at all.  It was actually so pleasant we had to peel off several layers of clothing by the time we climbed off the tractor pulled hayride taking us round to a field dotted with trees as far as the eye can see.  

Walking row upon row of Christmas trees until we find "The One" on the day after Thanksgiving is as much a tradition in the run up to our Christmas as turkey and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving Day.   We chose a beautiful fraser fir complete with a pink bow on top!  Fudge thoroughly enjoyed that special touch!   By the time we meandered down the mountain back to the barn we found our tree baled and labeled, leaning against a wall - all ready to go!  Wow!  10 out of 10 for service!

But first there were hot chocolate to sip while watching "A Charlie Brown Christmas" story; there were horse rides to take and Christmas crafts to make.  By the time we left we were ready for a very late, early afternoon lunch!

Now this gorgeous tree is the centerpiece of our great room and it fills our home with the beautiful aroma of a winter wonderland.  It's needles are soft and fragrant to the touch and it's branches from which the ornaments dangle are strong and sturdy.  Every time I walk past it,  I see a little girl rearranging bows and crystals on it.  It is at the epicenter of the Christmas excitement in our home!