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Monday, April 9, 2012


Easter has always been one of the major holidays we celebrate around here. 

We dyed and decorated Easter eggs.  We've baked and decorated our bluebird cupcakes for Sunday's lunch after church.  And no Easter will be complete without delicious hot cross buns!

We had our Easter egg hunt in our very own backyard this year.  Not a planned event, but turning lemons into lemonade is something I've learned to do.  When a local Easter egg hunt ran out of eggs within the first five minutes, mom decided to take matters into her own hands.

You can just imagine how happy I was when my kids exclaimed:  "This is the best Easter egg hunt ever!  Can we always have our Easter egg hunts at home?  We like it so much better!"  Yes, I think I did pull a few strings to ensure I have some home court advantage.  Like two golden eggs and special prize Easter packs filled with all kinds of goodies to enjoy, but if you knew me you will know I don't do this to spoil my kids, but rather because I want for them to remember these moments; to celebrate life and to rejoice in everything it has to offer.  And what mom does not love being hugged, kissed and told how much her children love her?

We took a picture with the Easter Egg bunny, but I'm sad to say they already figured out that he is pretend, because "he is way too big to be a bunny" and they "saw his human wrists sticking out as well as his neck from under the bunny face".  But they still loved and enjoyed the whole idea.

As they grow up things will change but the great thing is we all grow up together, as a family.