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Friday, June 15, 2012

Everyday Life

I prefer to focus on the beautiful and the positive things;  things I'm grateful for and appreciate about every day. Some will even claim I'm looking at life through rose-colored glasses. But sometimes it takes a lot of imagination and strength to find these nuggets of beauty hidden in between episodes of craziness making up our day to day life.

Take for example last week Wednesday.  It was one of those days where I looked back on the morning in a bit of disbelieve.

My girls kicked the day off cutting 100 pages of colorful construction paper into one inch size squares and then strewing them like rose petals as far as the eye could see.  Even though they had to pick up every shred of paper, I in my heart knew they meant well and wanted to "surprise" me, so no biggy right?

But it was not one hour later I heard a commotion upstairs and went to investigate.  I opened the bathroom door and there they were at the sink;  one holding down our cat Knight while the other one was busy giving it a bath.  The bathroom was a mess.  Water and cat hair were everywhere;  wet towels draped over every surface and when I looked over at the tub my heart sank..............

Staring at me from inside the tub were the pretend horses they got as Christmas gifts.  I think I heard one scream out loud "Help me, please!"  Or maybe it was my subconscious mind grabbing for the last straw of hope;  or maybe it was the straw that broke the camel's back, because when I looked inside the tub they crayoned the tub's bottom a "lovely", bright meadow green.  Yes I know horses need grass to eat, but I had no sense of humor left at that point in time.  

They lost several privileges on the spot including our once a week movie night.

It took what felt like an hour to clean.  Lets hope this was the worst week ever dealing with my little girls at home.