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Monday, July 30, 2012

Homeschool - Our First Week

Our home school opened it's doors last week!  Our pencils were sharpened, our books labeled and sorted and we all were eager to get started.  I could see it in their eyes when we turned to page one early on Monday morning.  They were not sure what to expect either.  But I decided from the get go to keep lessons short and introduce a change of pace on a regular basis.

                                                                                       Making Lemonade             

By late afternoon they flung their arms around my hips and looked up with an expression that is hard to put into words, but I knew what it meant.  It was a sense of relief, happiness...... No.  More like "This is going to be great!"  The girls actually ran hubby over when he came home to show him everything we did every day;  talking over one another with an eagerness verging on hysteria.  Their excitement is infectious.

Making Peach Cobbler

We've made a family tree, we've studied American artwork, learned about, played and listened to the violin, had an archeological dig in the back yard, baked peach cobbler,  went on nature walks drawing pictures of everything we observe and dotting down observations in our science journals and staring at out of space images on our microscope; modeled beeswax characters while reading beautiful stories written by Hans Christian Anderson; swam every afternoon, traced shadows on the driveway to learn about the passage of time and in between all of that we found pockets of minutes to practice reading, writing and solving math problems when we are not dancing or chasing colorful balloons around the great room!  Phew!

Sunset On The Lake This Weekend
I've already learned a lot.  And I think the girls also realized this is not going to be exactly like traditional school.  We hardly ever sit at a desk;  there are no bells running our schedule and we progress at the pace they are comfortable with (which is way faster than I anticipated).  We have a relaxed setup and I've already asked them to let me know what they want to learn more about, because I would love to incorporate it into our little program.  So, this week we will be learning more about cheetahs!

Archeological Dig