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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dinner Table Conversations

Mom:  "So how was class today?"

Caramel:  "It was a little bit complicated."

Mom:  "How is that?"

Caramel:  "Well, it was not easy.  Complicated you know.  Fortunately I like complicated!  It just means I have to use my brain a little bit more!"

She might not know it, but inside I was beaming; smiling from ear to ear, because I know we all are so much more happy in life with a positive, determined attitude.  I encountered my fair share of people telling me what they think I'm able to accomplish and what not, but fortunately those statements were like fuel rejuvenating a fire.  

But I also know it is not how it always works.  Even though a large part of who and what we are were decided long before it ever gets challenged, sometimes what people say, cut to the quick.  And it hurts.  So seeing these resilient, determined spirits sprout roots makes me happy!