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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Home Schooling

Where have I been this long?  What have I been doing?  Doing lots and lots of research!  And I would not be rushed.  I took my time.  Thinking and rethinking everything.  Its just the way I am.  We decided to home school the girls next year.  I guess the first question you might ask is:  "Why home school?  Isn't it just the crazy, old farm folk out in the middle of nowhere belonging to some weird, religious cult that never leave the confines of the compound they live in, who homeschool their children?"  Apparently not! 

Things have been bugging me and I believe it kept bugging me because I need to do something about it.  Things have a way of doing that when I need to take note.

We've interviewed numerous schools in our community.  The girls have been attending a private, Christian academy this year and I've seen all they were learning - marvelous, fabulous things - but I've also seen how narrow minded this particular school system could be. 

I would like for our girls to grow up with the freedom to learn about interests they are passionate about.  I would like for them to pursue their dreams without restraint.  As they spend the years to come figuring this out for themselves we will be there to guide them along.

I like most parents want the best possible education for my children, even though I'm not a parent pushing my children relentlessly to achieve abilities way beyond their years.  In fact I'm quite the contrary - believing my kids should develop as they need to;  when they need to and be given the freedom to grow and excel in all aspects of life at their own pace.

Our home school is going to be a mixture of  various methodologies which will include very little traditional school.   We will make changes as needed where needed.  I've already incorporated many ideas into our day to day life and am so excited to take all of this to the next level once they finish kindergarten in May.