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Saturday, March 24, 2012


This is the time of year where everything kick starts back to life and I finally get out of the doldrums that so often follow the holidays.

I will slouch down on the dew covered greenery to closely study the beautiful tulips and pansies while the smell of fresh earth hang in the air.

With feet soaking wet, I will sit very still inhaling it all, listening to songbirds celebrating their return while veils of soft, white petals brush my face as they spiral down to earth.

I will read stories to my girls of goblins, fairies and kingdoms far, far away and let them run wild while the soft mist rise with the very first promise that summer is on it's way.

Being alive, filled with love, marveling at all these little things through the eyes of my children!  It is what it is all about!  So give me one more kiss on the cheek, my little girls.  Grab my hand with your still tiny fingers and lead the way.  I'm listening and I hear you!