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Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'm-back-home Mindset

There is this period of time when I get back from traveling somewhere, I feel like doing nothing!  Bags and heaps of laundry will just lie out for a day (or two) before I do something about it!  I have to get back into my I'm-back-home mindset and until then I'm useless.  I cannot wrap my head around anything;  including any work to be done.   My favorite excuse is that I have to read through all my emails and it must take at least one whole day!

But then I get this burst of energy and go into "getting organized" overdrive and that is exactly what happened yesterday.  I emptied, washed, dried and rolled away everything in sight and we can finally get from the garage to the family room without falling over several pieces of luggage!  I pulled linens from beds and put new, soft and sweet smelling ones on;  opened all the windows to let wafts of fresh air blow through the house and made a home cooked meal while listening to some zen flute composition on the CD player in the great room.

And since I was not going to get any work done at work, I decided to do whatever else I felt like and watered wilted flowers and fruit trees and even pulled weeds oak tree saplings from our vegetable garden and built a mental to-do list of all the other pruning, weeding and cleanup that has to be done around the yard this weekend, while wandering from flower to flower and marveling at small little fruits showing up on the peach and pear trees.

We love to travel, explore and learn about the world around us, but it feels good to be back home and to the familiarity of it all.  The songbirds chirping away; sweet smelling gardenias lining our walkways; boats droning in the distance and big oak trees throwing peaceful spots of dark green shadows all over the backyard where we can hide from the blistering summer heat.  It fills my heart with contentment.