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Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Summer Beach Vacation

There are so many stories to share about our trip to the beach it is hard to decide what to write down and what to leave out and I hate reading hour by hour renditions of anything - yawn.   This was the most perfect beach vacation we could ever imagine for our family.

From the most amazing beach cottage nestled between the sea pines right on the beach;

to the warm, azure waters of the Emerald coast lapping onto brilliantly white, soft sands;

to the trendy seaside boutiques and corner cafes serving the most divine food I've enjoyed in a long time in picture perfect surroundings.

And the sunsets?  To die for!

We finally found our little summer hideaway.  You know that place where you go each summer as a family to bond, recoup and reflect before returning to a hectic life.

We cannot wait to go back again!