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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


This summer the kids learned to ride the waves with bodyboards and although they can swim, to maintain our sanity with two kids who cannot go deep enough into the ocean quickly enough, we insisted they wear life jackets whenever on their bodyboards.

Good thing we did.

The third day at the beach the girls ran ahead and got into the ocean even before we've put our bags down.   I was keeping an eye on them and saw them lying on their boards, but became a little worried when none of the waves were carrying them back out to the beach.

Hubby saw it too and by the time they were behind the deep wave line we realized there was a rip current pulling them into the deep sea.  This all happened within 10 to 15 seconds!

Hubby and one other man standing around in the waves sped off and they got hold of them just before they were pulled into seriously deep waters!  They were holding onto their boards totally oblivious to the danger they were in.

Caramel arrived back on the beach in a huff though, because the bodyboard was under house arrest the rest of the morning.  I sat down beside her and told her in what great danger she was and suggested she be grateful and happy and enjoy whatever else the beach had to offer swimming in the more shallow waters.  It took awhile but she came around.

By nature I deliberately stand back when they want to try adventurous, daring things even when I'm apprehensive, because I want them to grow up into confident girls, willing to take risks, not afraid to question the status quo!  But I realize being a parent means saying "No" sometimes.  Your kids might not like it and not understand it;  even after you explained it to them as best you can, but as parents we are blessed with a bigger perspective and deeper understanding of what's going on.  Deciding where exactly to set the boundaries though will be a lifelong wrestling match between letting go and pulling back, just like the waves relentlessly racing onto the beach.