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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fall Is Here

I've listened and yes, the silence is noticeable.   That is always when I know the seasons have finally changed hands.  When the cicadas quiet down and you hear the crickets pipe up.

This Sunday we woke up to cool, fresh breezes blowing outside.   I came back inside and called the girls to come feel "Fall has finally arrived".  So in their summer jammies they ran outside, breakfast in hand and exclaimed "Oh yes!  You are right.  It is finally here!"  They know I love this time of year and they are looking forward to all our fall activities.  "Now we can play on the trampoline and ride our bikes and roller skate without dying of heat stroke!  Yay!!!"

Instead of swimming we went fishing this weekend!  Dad prepared the hooks and made sure the worms were properly attached.

A few times the fish managed to get the worms, but we did not catch anything; much to the disappointment of the girls.  Next time we decided to hit the nearby piers.

Hubby also raced his radio controlled boat.  The wind was strong out on the water and a few times Caramel anxiously exclaimed "It is going to tip over!"  But it raced around just fine.  They had lots of fun playing with the controls.

These are the happiest times for me.  Having fun with my family.  I already cry thinking these times are going to come to an end once they leave home to start their own life.  Well, you know what I mean!  But I'm making the most of every single little moment I get to share with them while we are together!  I love them more than words can ever express.

Sigh.  So now I will go and demand a kiss on each cheek since they are not yet grossed out by that!

Hope you had a fun weekend.