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Friday, September 21, 2012

Turtle Power

Hubby found an Eastern Box Turtle stuck in a jumble of thorny bushes.

He carried it to a safe area in the backyard and we patiently waited while the turtle slowly started rocking back and forth.

Then we saw one red eye appear nervously from the safety of it's shell.  Then another.  Very cautiously it started to focus on it's surroundings; more and more convinced that we mean him no harm.

Once his feet hit the ground he took off at top turtle speed to the leaf covered natural vegetation surrounding the oak trees towering over the backyard.

Yes, they went back to check on him quite a few times.

Learning alongside them opened my eyes.   The more we see, the more we share; the more beauty springs to life within us and settle among us.  I am profoundly glad I took this leap of faith.

To see much and ponder it: this comes next to understanding