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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Handicrafts are not offered as a standard subject or as part of a standard course of study in any of our local schools.  I thought this very odd, since some of my greatest memories attending school were making things.  Like knitting an orange cat in 3rd grade complete with a tail, whiskers and eyes, or sewing my first wraparound skirt in 5th grade or baking a batch of scones in home ec!

None of these interests became a full time pursuit but most of these skills I use;  like cooking meals on a daily basis, or sewing Halloween costumes and beautiful tulle sashes for birthday parties!

We need these skills not just to get things done and to be more independent of others, but rather to fulfill a need that all humans have - to create;  to feel the great sense of satisfaction when you made something with your own two hands you can use.  Buying stuff can never replace the deep sense of satisfaction and confidence you get from making something yourself!

And as parents we see it as our privilege to teach our daughters skills that will help them experience that same sense of satisfaction and to find opportunities every single day to create, breathe and live in the moment with a sense of happiness you cannot buy with money.