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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Time Is Near

The stockings are hung;  the tree decorated and the Christmas village aglow - a scene that escaped straight off a Norman Rockwell!

I regularly see the girls hovering over the miniature streets filled with carolers and ice skaters swishing around the town rink.  The excitement in their eyes is undeniable while breaking out in spontaneous singing "Frosty the Snowman......".

I will sometimes just quietly enjoy these moments, realizing their unadulterated, childlike innocence over time will make way for a more informed, logical mindset.  But my wish for them is that they will never lose this feeling of wonder and pure happiness and that they will stubbornly hang on to it especially in times when things are not going so great.  I know that it has kept cynicism out of my heart and I simply refuse to let that sense of wonder go.

With this spirit in mind, we were off to see some Christmas lights this weekend.  While tunes of the season filled the air, the girls were hanging out the moon roof;  blankets draped around their puffer jackets all the way down to their sock covered feet firmly planted on the console between hubby and I.

The chilly air found it's way down the open moon roof onto my lap, but hubby switched on our seats which kept us nice and toasty.  The flask of hot cocoa was resting against my left leg waiting to be enjoyed at a pit stop along the way where we roasted marshmallows around a huge bonfire.  It sure did not feel like fall anymore, but the weather was the perfect compliment to the twinkling awesomeness we all "oohed" and "aahed" about!