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Monday, December 3, 2012

Africa, Here We Come

Today Caramel ran inside the house, breathless, asking me to please come look at the tablecloth she created for Table Mountain.  I decided to go take a look and came upon a scene they've put together in the dirt with holes they dug, rock arrangements, several sticks and the few flowers they could find.

"Over here is Table Mountain!"  Caramel said pointing over to an arrangement of rocks with a flat top.

"And over here is the cable car which we are going to take up Table Mountain!"  Fudge said pointing towards a stick balanced quite peculiarly on the side of the rock formation.

"Here I've put some rhinos representing the big five!" Caramel said pointing to several acorns each with a small stone stacked on top.

"And these two flowers are the king proteas we learned about!" Fudge said pointing towards two beautiful red camellia flowers.

They are meeting their cousins in South Africa in person for the first time, this holiday season.  We are very excited for them too, but I have to admit I'm not looking forward to the arduous two day trek to get there!